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Lending and Leasing

CDB’s expert consultants not only identify the right business and personal lending and leasing solutions for your needs, but also have accredited partnership with key finance providers including major and secondary banks.  This ensures that CDB offers detailed and specific knowledge that allows you to get sound, accurate and objective financial advice. 

CDB’s finance division, CDB Finance, directly provides you with finance quotes and can assist in the sourcing, reviewing, procurement and establishment of loans or other finance facilities for you.  The benefits of using CDB Finance as your financial advisor are clear:

  • Shorter timeframe to receive your finance
  • Personalised service without having to deal directly with the big lenders
  • More tailored lending and leasing for your needs
  • A single source for your financial advice and your lending facility
  • Saved from the impact of ‘hidden’ clauses
  • Access to over 80 finance products from sole point of contact

For your complete finance needs, CDB has got you covered.

CDB Finance brings results

Drawing on accounting and tax expertise, CDB’s finance consultants are able to consider all aspects of your financing needs and takes into account:

  • Your individual circumstances
  • Serviceability issues to ensure that you can service your dept and maintain your lifestyle
  • Tax issues and the best structure to leverage your circumstances
  • Asset building and protection
  • Estate planning

Whether you are using a financial planning advisor, small business management expert or an independent financial planner, CDB’s team of experts will bring you the best results.  Here’s why:

  • CDB is driven by what is best for you and the desire to build a lifelong partnership rather than the financial applications itself
  • CDB has the advantage of having an intimate understanding of your financial background as well as the ability to apply it to the correct financial options
  • CDB offers complete financial services at incredibly affordable rates
  • There is no need to bridge the gap between your financer and your accountant.  You are already at the single source
  • You have the backing of a credible service provider
  • CDB will ensure you get the most out of your tax returns while adhering to Tax Office guidelines

Please note:

  1. For finance arranged through finance providers that CDB Finance is accredited with, CDB Finance will receive commissions on successful loan applications from the provider.  No other fees will be charged in respect to the sourcing and procuring of your finance including where we are providing financials and tax return documentation.  This represents a reduction in our fees as this service is currently charged.

  2. For finance arranged through finance providers which CDB Finance is not accredited with, services will be charged according to normal billing practices of Clements Dunne & Bell Pty Ltd.

  3. Any other services required including the preparation of financial statements, preparation of cash flow projections, etc will be quoted in advance and charged by Clements Dunne & Bell Pty Ltd on a time basis in accordance with our standard billing practices.

  4. CDB is happy to review your existing finance arrangements at no cost to you and advise of what benefits, if any, there are in re-financing.

Clements Dunne & Bell Pty Ltd (ACN 151 327 454) provides its lending and leasing as a Credit Representative of Finconnect (Australia) Pty Ltd (ABN 45 122 896 477). Finconnect (Australia) Pty Ltd is licensed by ASIC to engage in credit activities. Australian Credit Licence 385888.


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