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CDB's IT Division, CDBiT can help you harness the advantages that modern IT solutions have to offer.  Whether you have a large IT infrastructure or a small business, CDBiT can help provide an independent review of your current IT status and supply a blueprint for your IT outsourcing and solution requirements.

Adopting IT best practices will improve your efficiency and reduce risk and your operational costs.  At a glance, CDBiT has helped its clients in the following ways:

  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure
  • Improve IT solutions performance
  • Reduce down time and manual effort
  • Eliminate human error
  • Provide a CRM platform for customer marketing and loyalty
  • Shorten accounting processing time and remove lodgement penalties
  • Provide critical reporting capabilities for better decision making
  • Cost analysis on in-house IT solutions versus IT outsourcing
  • Ensure new implementations are utilised to greatest effect

CDBiT provides expert advice that can be related to large organisations with established IT solutions through to the layperson looking at enhancing its business operations.  Offering an independent specialist view on financial and accounting solutions, implementation, maintenance and upgrades of your IT solutions.  Your hardware, other software options and systems integration are also identified and supported.

CDBiT services will ensure that your IT solutions and IT outsourcing requirements will be delivered in a cost-effective way to bring greater operational efficiency.  CDBiT independent specialist services include: 

  • Proactive Maintenance and Support
  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Business & systems needs analysis, design, requirements scoping, tender development and solution selection
  • Business process re-engineering and change management
  • Reporting, integration, installation and software development
  • Application software support, development and training, including accounting systems 
  • Local, Wide Area and Virtual Private Networks and their administration
  • Internet and Intranets
  • E-Commerce
  • System Protection and security
  • Evaluation and recommendation of hardware and software
  • IT Governance

CDBiT provides objective evaluations
Whilst we are an authorised representative for a number of products including hardware and software, we remain impartial and unbiased in providing effective solutions for clients.

CDBiT IT Health Check
Contact CDBiT for an objective IT Health Check to ensure you are getting the most out of your systems.  A carefully planned IT Health Check will determine the current status of your IT systems and infrastructure, identify opportunities for increased efficiencies and helps diagnose risk areas before they impact on profit.

CDBiT Expertise
Our experience as accountants and understanding of technology solutions provides us with the knowledge needed to understand your business vision, compare your systems against best practice and industry trends, reduce risk and develop a plan to identify, implement and prioritise practical initiatives.

CDBiT will provide a holistic approach from IT solutions identification through to implementation, training, and user best practices.  CDBiT is the perfect IT outsourcing partner to leverage your investment and free you up to work on your business rather than your technology challenges.


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